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     Brittany D. Outler lives in St. Augustine, Florida. She is a graduate of Gallaudet University and completed her graduate work at Valdosta State. She is raising three beautiful children. Her two sons, Hunter and Ethan, attend Florida School for the Deaf and Blind while their six month old princess, Mackenzie, is Mom's assistant helping her keep the business running smoothly.

     The inspiration for her business began while spending quality time with her children. Gathering oysters with the boys and infant has always been an adventure and many treasures have been found along the way. Oyster gathering quickly turned into an adventure for the entire family. As they realized the variety in oysters, it created a competition of sorts to find those with the most unique appearance. This inspired Brittany to create works of art featuring these unique oyster formations. Brittany wishes  to share the natural beauty of recycled oysters and art with hopes you can appreciate these creations of God also. 

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